The Loch Lomond Community Firewise Project – A Huge Success

Loch Lomond Community Firewise Project

The Loch Lomond Community Firewise Committee would like to extend a “huge thank you” in appreciation to those who volunteered this past Saturday to complete a fuel reduction and defensive space project at a residence within our subdivision. The “Neighbor Helping Neighbor” event was extremely successful and met the initial and more of the committee goals, including making our neighborhood safer and reducing the fire risk for our community.

We generated a significant amount of energy focused on the Loch Lomond Community Firewise project by creating an awareness of how successful we as a collective can be when working together to reduce wildland fire risks. We have attached “before and after” photos of the selected property. You can see the amount of work the volunteers could accomplish in a brief period due to their dedication and commitment to this endeavor.

It was also gratifying to see the diverse spectrum of volunteers, including old/young; different genders; full and summertime homeowners/renters; long/short-tenure residents; and a contingent of workers from Italian Village. As always, the Prather family was present and helped immensely because of their expertise, knowledge, equipment, and work ethic. A list of the volunteers has been included at the end of this message.

The committee members including Jim Reidy (identified the residence, worked directly with the homeowner and worker bee ), Gary Prather (developed the operation plan, assigned duties, and a worker bee), Debbie Doran (logistics lead and a worker bee), Mike Giusti (vegetation removal lead and a working bee) Tim Sherman (transportation lead and a worker bee), Denise Scoles (documentation lead/photos and worker bee), John Sudano (safety officer lead and worker bee), and Mike Peterson (worker bee) all deserve a big thanks from the residents for their commitment to the overall Firewise project.

This was the first Loch Lomond community project since being recognized by Firewise USA, and we believe everyone walked away with an incredibly positive feeling that the future success of the Loch Lomond Community Firewise program has no ceiling. We will continue to experience success because of the support and commitment within our community.


Niko Kawamoto; Patrick, Stacy, Stephen, Mike, and Danny Prather; Tom Murphy; Mike Reidy; Suzanne Morandin; Joe Guardado; John Tassio; Claudio Angeli; Andrew Peterson; Judy Cortesi; Terry Anderson; Lisa and Bill Curotto; Melanie and Terry Taylor; Pat Rolendelli; and Doreen Morandin

Thank You, Loch Lomond!

Your Loch Lomond Community Firewise Committee

Before the Fuel Reduction Project
After the completed Fuel Reduction Project
A Community Member

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