Takeout Lake County: Stock up on Flour, Yeast, Sugar, and Pizza at Juicy’s

Recently, our family ran into a dilemma. We bake our bread at home and were running low on yeast. So I went online to get some more and saw that the price had not only doubled, but it wouldn’t come for a month. So, what were we to do? Not only was our homemade bread at stake, but also the evening’s long-awaited plans. Stir-crazy and stuck at home, our family had planned on making calzones, then having a family-only drive-in movie on the patio. But we were out of yeast for the dough.

In my moment of despair, Juicy’s Pizza in Lakeport came through.  Not only can you buy one of the best pizzas in the county there, but you can also pick up a few staples that you may be having difficulty purchasing.  Right now, they are selling the following:

Org. Beehive All Purpose Flour- $8.24/5 lb

Org. Artisan Baker’s Craft Plus Wheat Flour (bread flour, used in our dough) $8.50/5 lb

Org. Whole Wheat Fine Flour- $8.28/5 lb

Fleischmann’s Instant Yeast- $5.50/1 lb

C&H Cane Sugar- $2.80/1 lb

After a quick stop, we came home with two pounds of yeast, enough to get us through not just our calzone night at home, but enough to keep us in bread for a while. That evening, Planet of The Apes splashed across the white bedsheet we had stretched over a rope. Kids curled up in blankets huddled in their chairs. And on each of our laps sat a calzone made with Juicy’s yeast.  Call it a COVID miracle; it’s a great example of how the Lake County community has come together to help each other out during a tough time.

If, like our family, you enjoy cooking and baking at home, having this resource is a great opportunity and one that supports a great local business as well.  And, of course, Amy Hinson and Marinda Scott, owners of Juicy’s, still sell their amazing pizzas, complete with sourdough crust, artisan toppings, and homemade sauce. It would be foolish to go through the work to drive there only to pick up flour.  Every pizza that Juicy’s offers is impressive; we try to get something different every time we go, and always are happy with our choice.

Juicy’s pizza is located at 155 Park St, Lakeport, CA, and is open Wednesday through Sunday from 1-7 pm. You can reach them by calling (707) 413-3080, or by visiting their website at juicyspizza.com.

Jonah David Wakefield

Jonah David and Trudy Wakefield started The Bloom in 2018 to showcase the best parts of Lake County and to provide a local outlet for community events, arts, music, and writing.

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