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Lake County Music Guide – 9.21.22

Did anything surprisingly unusual happen while I was hiding under a rock this weekend? I always like to keep up with current events. Anything? Nothing? Here’s what I do know – that the Kelseyville Pear Festival is happening this coming Saturday. More on this… Also, for those of you who were disappointed about the canceled Moonalice show – it’s back this coming Sunday. More on that as well. But for these last few days, still nothing? Oh, well… Here’s the live music guide for the week of 9/21 through 9/26…

Lake County Music Guide – 9.14.22

What a wonderful and welcome surprise! I always put together the music guide on Monday, then post it on Tuesday. It was maybe around 3:00 Monday afternoon when I heard the distinctive sounds of rain dropping on my roof. So, I went out to investigate and, lo and behold, it was indeed raining. My first reaction was to race back inside to grab my keys so to close the windows on both my vehicles. Then, having taken care of that, I stood out in the rain with my face towards the clouds until it ceased 10 minutes later. Once done, I stood where I was until my clothes dried, maybe 15 minutes after that. Sometimes the simplest event can be most cathartic. Please allow me a moment to enjoy the memory…

Lake County Music Guide – 9.7.22

With two and a half weeks until the Autumnal Equinox (1stday of Autumn 9/23), the Summer is giving us all one last gasp as it races down the homestretch, kicking and screaming all the way! Sorry, folks, it’s gonna be muy caliente this whole week… But there is a silver lining – there’ll be no shortage of stars on these wonderfully warm nights. Nor will there be a shortage of live music. Here’s the music schedule for the week of 9/7 through 9/12…

Lake County Music Guide – 5.12.22

This week’s activities should run the gamut between Shredding and a Car Show, with lots of live music events scrunched up in between. With Friday, Saturday and Sunday predicting good weather, the outdoor events are stacking up, while the indoor ones are gonna be just as busy. Enough prattle – here’s the live music schedule for the week of May 12th through May 16th…

Buy Mike and Danny a Beer: Busking for Brewskis at Kelsey Creek Brewing

Tuesday afternoon in Kelseyville, August. Mike Guarniero and Danny Prather perch on barstools next to the front window, half-full beer glasses on the floor next to them. Danny’s taken the lead on a Neil Young tune he’s finishing, and odds are they’ll switch it around on the next song. Between the two of them, they could play all day and never repeat a tune. Danny gives a hearty strum on his guitar as the song ends, then grins as he leans over and takes a sip of his beer. Caroline Chavez, co-owner of Kelsey Creek, sees his glass empty and quickly brings over two full ones. “Now everybody,” she says, walking the smooth walk of a skilled bartender, “You all need to pitch in. I’m the only one buying them beer right now.” Mike and Danny happily grab their full brewskis, sip off the foam, and start a new song.

Lake County’s Musical Ambassador: Meet Mike Guarniero

While you may not know musician Mike Guarniero personally, odds are you’ve seen him play. For years he has been involved in the Lake County music scene and played with over twenty different bands. You might have heard him play with his band, Dr. Groove, which regularly has performed in the county. Or you might have caught his Lake County Music Guide, which posts on Facebook and in The Bloom (when there is live music).
Sitting in the courtyard of Pogo’s Pizza in Kelseyville earlier this week with Mike felt as if we were seated with a long-time friend we haven’t seen in a while. You might feel the same if you are a music lover in Lake County; Mike’s friendly personality makes conversation easy.

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