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Mendocino-Lake Community College District Board of Trustee Openings

The Mendocino-Lake Community College District has opportunities for qualified community members to run for November 2022 board elections for trustee area #2 and #5 (Mendocino County), and area #6 (Lake County). Trustees are appointed for a four-year term. Interested candidates must complete a packet. The candidate filing dates are July 18, 2022, to August 12, 2022. Anyone interested should contact the County Registrar of Voters for details. 

PG&E Reducing Wildfire Risk in Lake County as Part of Undergrounding Program

With most of the state in a severe or extreme drought, millions of residents are thinking about wildfire season. As part of Pacific Gas and Electric Company’s (PG&E) comprehensive strategy to mitigate wildfire risk, several projects are underway in Lake County to harden the electric system and build a safer and more resilient grid for our customers and communities. In Lake County, PG&E plans to underground approximately 15 miles of overhead distribution powerlines and harden 21 miles in high fire-threat areas to reduce wildfire risk in 2022.

June is PTSD Awareness Month

The Department of Veterans Affairs National Center for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) estimates that 6% of people in the United States will experience PTSD at some point in their lifetime; approximately 12 million U.S. adults experience PTSD each year. In 2010, the U.S. Senate declared June 27 National Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Awareness Day, and the entire month of June was designated National PTSD Awareness Month in 2014. 

Lake County Poet Laureate Plans Countywide Poetry Tour

To commemorate the end of her project year and celebrate the literary arts in Lake County, Guardado is hosting a Poetry Tour of free poetry workshops and readings around the county. All are welcome to attend and all levels of writers are welcome, including beginners. Events are free to attend and no advance registration is required.

Sign Installation at Lake County Land Trust’s Rabbit Hill Park

It has long been a dream of the Lake County Land Trust (LCLT) and local citizens to place directional signs at the summit of Rabbit Hill to point out each significant peak in the panoramic 360-degree view of the surrounding mountains, including St. Helena, Cobb, and Harbin. On a recent Saturday morning, the signage project was started with the help of Hidden Valley Lake resident Jean Goulart, who has become a volunteer for the LCLT and will be overseeing the Rabbit Hill Park.

Hospice Services of Lake County Hosts Free Eight-Week Grief and Loss Group 

Hospice Services of Lake County is beginning another series of meetings to help adults who have experienced the death of a significant person either recently or in the past. Recognizing there is not just a single way through grief, Hospice Services’ bereavement program will present “The Journey of Grief,” a free, educational series. The grief and loss group will meet once a week for eight weeks starting June 9.

WIC Scheduling Notice for June 2022

Due to the formula shortage, WIC has Temporary Options for Powdered Infant Formula. California WIC now has over 100 different baby formula options to purchase with the California WIC Card. WIC has added as many options as possible to increase the chance families can find formula in stores.  

Lake County Vet Connect Members Host Mobile Stand Down Outreach Event

Lake County Vet Connect members will host a quarterly mobile Stand Down, an outreach event for local veterans who are homeless or experiencing uncertain housing. The event will take place on Thursday, June 16, 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. at the Kelseyville Presbyterian Church located at 5340 Third Street in Kelseyville. Veterans must provide their ID cards or DD Forms 214.

Lake County Winegrape Commission Announces New Advertising Campaign

The Lake County Winegrape Commission is “raising a little dust” with the introduction of a new advertising campaign, taking a slightly different approach from the expected wine industry messages. Slated to appear in the June/July California edition of Wine Enthusiast Magazine, a full-page ad taps directly into the “disruptive” volcanic nature and overall rugged personality of the region.

Move, Lake County – Presented by the Lake County Chamber of Commerce

In partnership with Lake County Tribal Health, Adventist Health Clear Lake, and the City of Clearlake, the Lake County Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce the inaugural Move, Lake County! 5K Fun Run and Wellness Faire on August 27, 2022. The event will kick off that day at 8 a.m. with a 5K Fun Run that will start and end in Austin Park in Clearlake.

Book to Action A Success in Lake County

In partnership with Blue Zones Project Lake County, the Lake County Library hosted several discussions, cooking classes, and walking groups all designed to help patrons apply the principles of The Blue Zones of Happiness: Lessons From the World’s Happiest People by Dan Buettner. All events were free to the public, and free copies of the book were made available to the public. 

Take a Drive in Lake County, Part 3: Upper Lake to Lower Lake

Yup, it’s springtime, and Lake County is at its most beautiful. The fruit trees are blossoming and people wander around humming, “It’s the most wonderful time of the year.” Yes, it’s that kind of beautiful. There’s no better time to hop in the car and enjoy a tour of one of the world’s beautiful places.

The Story of David and Christy Brown: Susie Q’s and Sweet Pea’s

It’s a clear Lake County winter morning. The morning sun glints down off Susie Q’s Donuts and Espresso, reflecting off the building. It’s a hard place to miss; the bright pink paint draws the eyes immediately. Step inside, and, depending on the time of day, the smell of donuts, bacon, or coffee fills the building. The same pink that covers the outside continues indoors. Dark wood floors and tables contrast the bright walls, and country music comes through the speakers, creating an inviting atmosphere. It’s a place to come, grab a donut or sandwich, and sit down to enjoy them over a cup of coffee.

Lake County Nominated for Wine Region of the Year by Wine Enthusiast

Wine Enthusiast recently announced that California’s Lake County has been nominated for a Wine Enthusiast 2021 Wine Star Award for Wine Region of the Year.
“This nomination affirms Lake County’s reputation as a premium winegrowing region,” said Debra Sommerfield, president of the Lake County Winegrape Commission. “Growers in our region have consistently produced outstanding winegrapes for many years, and we’re thrilled that Wine Enthusiast, an authority on the wine industry, has recognized Lake County as one of the top winegrowing regions in the world.”

Continuum of Care Seeking to House 55 Lake County Community Members by September 1

On May 21, the Rapid Results Institute (RRI), and HomeBase, with funding from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), announced the Lake County Continuum of Care had accepted the 100-Day Challenge to accelerate efforts in preventing and ending youth homelessness within our communities.  Lake County, the City of Long Beach and Monterey and Mendocino Counties comprised RRI’s third cohort of California jurisdictions.

A Celebration Six Months Overdue: Georgina Marie and the Lake County Poet Laureate Inauguration (Complete with Haikus)

A hot, gusty breeze passes by our footsteps, bringing with it needles falling from the giant redwood overhead. We walk through the heart of Library Park, looking for a picnic table safely away from other visitors, two of Juicy’s spectacular pizzas in each hand. The gusty afternoon breeze hasn’t settled down into balmy summer evening just yet; another flurry of wind blows open our pizza box. But slight pink hues in the sky creep over the lake, hinting at a beautiful sunset to come.
I flip the pizza box shut, trying to turn it a direction where the wind won’t blow it open again.
“Congratulations on your first six months as Poet Laureate,” David says, then takes a large bite of pizza. Georgina smiles, pulling back her hair from her face as another breeze brushes by us.

Truly Local: Lake County Farmers’ Finest

Cornelia Sieber-Davis stands behind the curbside pickup booth, wearing a brown Lake County Farmers’ Finest t-shirt, her bright eyes framed by her bangs and the white mask covering the rest of her face. It’s Saturday in Kelseyville, and the Farmers’ Market is in full swing.

“Many people choose to order online,” she says, bustling to move signs and boxes filled with produce. “And every week we’re getting more and more things to buy on the website. I get the orders and aggregate them all here.” She shuffles a box around and puts something else in it.

It’s an adjustment to interesting times that seems to be working. The table is filled with boxes waiting to be picked up. While we’re chatting, a woman wanders over to the booth and pokes at a peach. “These are for curbside pickup,” Cornelia says brightly. “But, you can buy some just over there.” She points across the open area. “They’ve got plenty.”

She chats for a while with the woman and shows her some of the olive oil on sale. It’s just one of the many items it’s possible to find at the market. You can find original paintings, jams and jellies, all different kinds of veggies, as well as honey, succulent starts, herbs, fruits, and cookies. It’s a cornucopia of Lake County’s finest.

Lake County’s Musical Ambassador: Meet Mike Guarniero

While you may not know musician Mike Guarniero personally, odds are you’ve seen him play. For years he has been involved in the Lake County music scene and played with over twenty different bands. You might have heard him play with his band, Dr. Groove, which regularly has performed in the county. Or you might have caught his Lake County Music Guide, which posts on Facebook and in The Bloom (when there is live music).
Sitting in the courtyard of Pogo’s Pizza in Kelseyville earlier this week with Mike felt as if we were seated with a long-time friend we haven’t seen in a while. You might feel the same if you are a music lover in Lake County; Mike’s friendly personality makes conversation easy.

Celebriducks Owner Craig Wolfe Takes in the View, Launches New Product

Picture this: It’s early evening, late spring. Between the emerald blue sky, popcorn clouds puff into the distance, building in thicker clumps as they bump into the Mayacamas Mountains. Below them sits Clear Lake, flecked with the smallest specks of whitecaps. The mountains rise from the lake in a motley assortment of greens and tans that blend into grey-violet as they back into the distance.

“I’ve got a friend who has a place in Lake Geneva,” Craig says, “and she sent me some photos of the view. I said, ‘That’s a great view. Now look at ours.’ And I sent her photos of the view from my deck. ‘Wow,’ was all she said. I mean, the view here is drop-dead gorgeous. All those places have got nothing on Lake County.
I feel like we’re on vacation 24/7,” he says, a smile in his voice. “It doesn’t seem like I’m working with a view like this one.”

But that’s not entirely true. In fact, Craig has been hard at work, developing a new line of ducks called Good Ducks, which are in fact the only rubber ducks that are 100% made in the USA. “You know, the funny thing is that I own this business one hundred percent,” Craig says. “I never took an investor. I don’t like being told what to do. I knew who I was and what I could do, and it’s a fortuitous thing that it’s turned out this way. Because if I had to report to a board, they probably wouldn’t have let me do this. They would think it was too much risk, too much of an expense. We had to find a whole new way of molding the ducks using food and medical grade materials to make the safest rubber ducks in the world for teething babies. But we’re going to end up selling tens of thousands of them.” He pauses. “And we’ll sell millions of them if we do it right. It’s a better mousetrap, and definitely a safer one from what’s currenty out there.”

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