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Focus on the Moment: Perspective to Uplift and Inspire

If you want some perspective on your place in the world, go stand in the redwoods. Lean against bark that has stood steadfast through hundreds of years . . . through war, pandemic, drought . . . and yet still remains. We would all do well to follow the redwood’s example; to root down deep and find our strength. We are less than a grain of sand in the big scheme of things, yet we tend to dwell on our problems and challenges as though the world revolves around us. This time in history will one day be a memory—just another ring in these massive trunks marking 2020.

Focus on The Moment: Perspective to Uplift and Inspire

I was out hiking this morning when a beautiful robin crossed my path. Since I believe all things happen for a reason the encounter got me thinking, so I did a little research. Did you know that “A robin is often considered a sign of happiness, hope and new beginnings? It represents luck, satisfaction, growth and contentment. When you see a robin, it may be a sign that you need to pioneer onward and prepare to learn from your future. This bird represents clarity and rejuvenation.” Seeing this robin is a befitting reminder that we are all pioneers in these strange times of COVID19. We are navigating in uncharted territory, learning to adapt, and trying new ways of being in the world. Let us look forward with hope.

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