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Local Entrepreneurs & Small Businesses Get Ready for the Hands Up Lake County Competition

Hands Up Like County, 2021, a small business competition created to support the local economy, drew 50 applicants this year.  Of these, 19 will compete in a mini competition on October 23rd, where 5 will be selected to advance to the final competition and a chance to win from $20,000 to $4,000.  A total of $50,000 in cash awards plus a “fan favorite” prize and other gifts will be awarded.

Lam Printing Wins $15,000 Hands Up Lake County Competition

The stage is set at the Soper Reese Theater in Lakeport. Four Christmas trees frame the presentation screen, two to the left and two to the right. A grand piano and podium balance the front of the stage; it’s the first time the piano’s been out since March. Maryann Schmid and Olga Martin Steele, cofounders of the 1 Team, 1 Dream competition, bustle back and forth from the auditorium to the lobby, checking on the innumerable details involved in coordinating both a physical and virtual competition. The theater’s sparsely filled; everyone’s distanced and masked.
Three judges sit at their tables on the floor, spaced in thirds across the stage: Pat Scully, Laurie Dohring, and Ernesto Padilla all wait eagerly to hear the contestants.
Olga wipes down the microphones with disinfectant wipes, then steps to the podium and double-checks that the Facebook feed is up and running.
“Welcome to the first-ever business competition in Lake County,” she begins.


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