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Free Personalized Home Risk Assessment Program Offered in the Cobb Mountain Area

The current drought is making many homeowners interested in reducing the likelihood of damage to their homes during a potential wildfire, but they may lack informed guidance on where to start, and in what order.  The Seigler Springs Community Redevelopment Association (SSCRA), a Cobb area-based 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, is offering free personalized home risk assessments during 2022 with potential, qualified funding assistance for homeowners to address hazardous fire fuels starting in Loch Lomond and Salmina Meadows.  

Some Good News: The Rainbow Bridge Reopens

Cindy Leonard, Cobb Area Council member and the primary Firewise organizer for the day’s event, stands at the edge of Rainbow Bridge, a large roll of stickers in her hand. “Here,” she says, a smile in her eyes. “Take a couple.” She rips off four stickers. A rainbow arches over the words “Rainbow Bridge Celebration”. The bottom of the sticker reads: “5 Year Valley Fire Anniversary”.
“It’s so nice to have something good,” Cindy says. “Particularly with how things are now. With the disasters,” She looks up at the haze that has lifted for the day, leaving the sky a misty-blue. “And COVID.” But she’s smiling, and her rainbow-striped skirt matches the bridge stretching across Kelsey Creek behind her.

Cobb Mountain Elementary Fundraiser Enables PTO to Gain Nonprofit Status

Patches of snow mingle with the remaining patches of light just outside the doors of the Little Red Schoolhouse, known to Cobb locals as “Little Red.” Inside, smiling faces greet us, dressed in various shades of green. Just beyond the registration area, the old schoolhouse is full of tables; flowerpots studded with gnome figurines sit as centerpieces. High school students wander the area, handing out appetizers to mingling patrons. Others carry out the desserts to be auctioned later in the evening. Baskets laden with local wines, tours, cookies, and other trifles line the walls. The silent bidding already is in full swing as people pace between the ceramic snails and Wine Adventure tickets, eager anticipation in their eyes. Above the auction items, a rainbow of shamrocks covers a wall.

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