Online Snowman Contest Draws More Than 800 Entries in Lake County

What started as a way to have a little bit of fun during the Thursday night snowstorm ballooned into an avalanche of responses. A Snowman Contest, where the entrants built their snowman, then posted it on Facebook, generated more than 800 snowman pictures by the time the contest ended Sunday afternoon.

“We were frankly shocked by the number of people who built a snowman and posted it to our Facebook page,” said Steve Short, owner of Lakeport Tire and Auto Service, sponsor of the contest. Steve Short added, “An incredible array of very creative snowmen were built throughout Lake and Mendocino Counties and beyond. We even got two entries from outside California. We saw a “fire-breathing” dragon, movie characters, animal ice sculptures and, of course, hundreds of traditional snowmen ranging from palm-sized to 10 feet or taller. It was absolutely incredible fun to see each new picture as it was posted”.

The snowman contest was the brainchild of Marie Shrader, familiar to many in Lakeport as the creative mind behind several of Lakeport’s community events over the past several years. “When Marie texted asking if we would sponsor the snowman contest, I immediately said yes. Lakeport Tire and Auto Service always strives to be heavily involved in our communities, and what better way to show that than to host a snowman contest when many people are staying safe in their homes due to snow on the roads”, added Short. “Marie has a very creative mind.”

In fact, the snowman contest was becoming such an immediate success that a “Pets in the Snow” contest was quickly added, also sponsored by Lakeport Tire and Auto Service. This contest generated nearly 200 entries in just a few hours.

Each contest awards prizes for First, Second, and Third Place.

In addition, Lakeport Tire and Auto Service are making a donation to the Lake County Animal Shelter, which posted a picture of shelter animals out in the snow.

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