Anna Sabalone (art teacher, ULHS) and Assistant Jennifer Sabalone (retired art teacher, ULES) worked with the high school students this summer to develop and guide the composition used for the mural. The process began with a design contest and voting last fall, and modifications as the size of the project helped clarify elements for the team. “It was the first time any of these students had worked on a mural–they did a great job. I’m looking forward to future projects where they can continue to grow as artists and experience what working in the art sector as a career could be like”, says Anna. “There is always a transition period with a first mural, when students learn new techniques and how they interact with the medium, the size and even the weather when working outside. It becomes real for them as they are creating the project–it’s wonderful.”

The Lakeport Women’s Civic Club and the Lakeport Rotary generously made possible an addition of a mural to the Flower Building at the Lake County Fair Grounds.

Students from Upper Lake High School worked in July and August during their free time to complete the 8×12 ft. mural. 

Dustin Brooks, Freshman adds “I appreciated being granted the opportunity to work on this mural. I had a lot of fun doing so and learned many things, and cannot wait to work on another one.”

Madison Hayenga, Freshman, stated that “It was a fun surprise to get to help with the mural this summer. I learned a lot about layering, and I can’t wait to get to try again.”

Breanna Brooks, Junior, shared that “working on this mural was enlightening. I liked being able to help come up with the composition and I don’t have much experience with the painting medium, so it was a good challenge.”

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