Lake County Music Guide 11.24.21

Like the old Bob Rivers song says, it’s the most fattening time of the year! On Thanksgiving Thursday it’s gonna be turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, yams, cranberries, string beans, dinner rolls, tons of snacks and pumpkin pie. Friday it’s leftover turkey, mashers, stuffing, yams etc. Then from Saturday on it’s turkey parmesan, turkey crepes, turkey sandwiches, turkey a la king, turkey casserole, turkey enchiladas, turkey crunchwrap, turkey tetrazzini, turkey and stuffing meatballs, turkey eggrolls, turkey tacos and of course, the leftover skeleton makes a great turkey soup. By the time all the turkey and other foods are gone, it’s time for Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Rohatsu, New Years Day, and Solstice, plus a host of other celebrations and parties where gorging is a part of the event. It’s enough to make one cry on New Years Day, “TGIJ!” (thank goodness it’s January…). Well, there are gonna be some music events happening this weekend that are just waiting to make you wanna dance in both preparation and reaction to, well, you know… Here’s the live music guide for the week of 11/23 through 11/29…

On WEDNESDAY evening The Saw Shop Public House in Kelseyville will feature a wonderful menu, a full bar, and some of the best Blues you’re gonna hear west of the Mississippi when Dave Broida and Blues Farm take the stage. “Celebrate, celebrate, dance to the music”…! Might be a good idea to make reservations…

Also on Wednesday, Weekend at Bernie’s will rock the Rivinos Winery in Ukiah on Wednesday from 5 to 8:00. You’ll like these guys!

Again on Wednesday, Waylon and the Wildcats will be rockin’ The Sports Attic II in Ukiah from 7 to 10:00. For all you Ukians, heck, even Lake Countians, it’s a great way to segue into the Thanksgiving weekend.

For your post-Thanksgiving diversion, The Smiling Dogs Tasting room in Kelseyville will have the pleasure and privilege of presenting Flow State, an excellent Jazz trio from 6:30 to 9:30. You’ll welcome the chance to dance…

The Fake News will be rocking us Friday evening at Rivino Winery in Ukiah beneath the Boujee Tent with their soulful mix of blues, country, folk rock and badass rock and roll! Good stuff, Maynard!

On Friday evening the incomparable John Paul Hodge will be playing at the Robinson Rancheria Lounge in Nice from 5 to 9:00. If you’ve never seen him, here’s your chance. I guarantee you’ll love what he does!

On Saturday, The RRL is proud to feature Lake County Royalty, Twice as Good from 9 to 1:00. This Father/Son act has been blowing minds all over the country and beyond, and now you get a rare chance to see them here in The LC. And you will dance the night away – and that’s a good thing!…

Twin Pine Casino in Middletown will be bringing on the Retro Funk and Rock music of Big Bad Boogie Rock from 9 to 1:30. Don’t let the giant salad bar sneeze guard fool ya – you’re gonna enjoy these guys…

The big event this weekend will be when the Lakeport Main Street Association presents The Dickens Festival and Christmas Market in Lakeport, happening on Saturday from 11:00 until 6:00. There’ll be a pet parade, a few dance performances, and a tree lighting, but more importantly, musical performances from My Divas, Austin and Owens and The Mark Weston Band. Check out their website or Facebook Page for more details… (come by the O’Meara Bros Brewery for Danny and Mike afterward…).

The Family will be performing Friday from 10 to 1:30 at the Ukiah Brewing Co.Rivino Winery in Ukiah will present Blue Luke on Saturday from 1 to 4:00.

On Saturday evening Danny Prather and Mike Guarniero will wrap up the 2nd and final leg of their record-breaking 2021 LC Brewery Tour when they play at O’Meara Bros Brewing in Lakeport from 6 to 9:00. And with the O’Bros yummy menu and excellent handcrafted beers and ales, who isn’t gonna cherish this once-in-a-lifetime event at the Brewery. It’ll easily be something to one day tell your descendants…

The Riviera Hills Lounge in the Riviera on Saturday is happy to bring back, by popular demand, the Blues phenomenon known as Dave Broida and Blues Farm. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry – but most of all you’ll dance… Music is from 7 to 11:00 and reservations are recommended.

As always, The Blue Wing has an entire weekend of good spirits, good food and even gooder music. Here’s their Thanksgiving Weekend schedule; On Friday evening The Majide Trio, featuring Paul Kemp on keys, Pierre Archain on bass and vocalist Machiko Shimada, will perform from 6 to 8:00. On Saturday expect Ukian Steve, “Dr. Woozle” Smith to strum guitar and sing from 6 to 8:00. Sunday Brunch will feature the music McClure and Archain from 11:30 to 2:00. For Sunday Supper Jazz Guitar Specialist Jeff Massinari will perform from 6 to 8:00. For Monday Blues, The Hip Replacements, purveyors of the oldest modern musical genre in the U.S. will give you the 1,4,5 from 6 to 9:00. For all these shows and more, reservations are recommended. Also, The BWS will provide an alternative to slaving over the stove on Thanksgiving day – there’ll be a special Thanksgiving Day meal just for you.

‘Tis the season for another blanket on the bed. Nothing cures a cold lonely night like a thick, warm quilt on top of your covers, (well, that’s not entirely true…). But in the meantime, try to get as much warmth as you can by going out and dancin’ to some of the live music listed in this guide. You won’t regret it. So, if and when you go out this weekend, have as much fun as the law allows – and please be safe. Happy Thanksgiving!

Mike Guarniero

Mike has been playing professionally, both acoustic and electric, for 40+ years. He paid his dues in a robust Sonoma County music scene during the '80s and '90s, then DJ'd for 10 years after moving to Lake County in 1996. After retiring from his job of 26 years, because he recognized a growing local music scene, he decided to devote his time to playing live music again. He's never looked back. Along with his regular band, Dr. Groove, he has filled in on lead guitar for local bands, (Fargo Bros, Blues Farm, C.A.M. Band, Borrowed Time, Time Travelers). He's played acoustic guitar at a some of our local wineries, restaurants, farmers Markets and art galleries. He's also a semi-regular supporting various local Open Mics around Lake County. He writes and records original songs and has recorded original demos for other performers as well. For the last three years, he has posted on Facebook a local music guide called the Lake County Music Guide.


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