Lake County Music Guide 10.8.21

Today I’m raking leaves… it’s Autumn! And with Autumn comes Halloween. And with Halloween comes costume parties. As I become aware of the local venues that will host Halloween Parties I’ll let you know with the designation, (“HP+”). So, if you know that your favorite watering hole is having a Halloween Costume Party with live music, (or you’re in the band), please send me a PM. This way everyone can make plans for Halloween. Okay, ‘nuff said about that. Here’s the live music guide for the week of 10/8 through 10/12…

The Spot in Clearlake will feature the rockin’ R&B music of The Hip Replacements on Friday from 6 to 9:00. This fun band, (with a great name…) will have you dancing through the evening. I’m not gigging that night so I’ll be there… On Saturday Lake County Royalty, Twice as Good will be The Spot’s featured band from 6 to 9:00. This father/son band has been blowing minds for more than a decade and Saturday evening will be no different.

Twin Pine Casino in Middletown will feature both Friday and Saturday nights The Nick Eng Band from 9 to 1:30. Robinsons Rancheria Lounge in Nice will present on Friday Crazy Cats from 9 to 1:00. On Saturday get in on some Cumbia Music when Baile Del Segundo Sadado take the stage, playing from 9 to 1:00.

The Farmer’s Finest Farmers Market held at the Steele Winery on Hwy 29 near Finley is happy to present everybody’s favorite pianist/singer David Neft, along with locally grown fruit and vegetables, plus an assortment of handcrafted items for sale from 10AM to 1:00.

The Riviera Hills Lounge in the upper Riviera, (“HP+”), will feature on Saturday the Blues sensation Dave Broida and Blues Farm from 5 to 9:00. Special guest Kyle Jester will be sittin’ in on this gig. Check out one of the best views in The LC, enjoy a great meal and then bop ‘til you drop when DB&BF start layin’ down the 1,4,5. Might be a good idea to make reservations…

O’Meara Bros Brewing in Lakeport will feature some of the best cover songs of one of the best eras of Country Music when Cowboy Johnson takes the stage from 6 to 9:00. This guy is the real deal, has a million stories about his life in the Country Music circuit and also what inspired the many songs he wrote during that time. Enjoy and excellent meal, some very good handcrafted beers and ales, then take a ride with Cowboy.

Saturday evening at the Adams Springs Clubhouse in Cobb, (a truly beautiful place, BTW…) come dance to the R&B, Blues, Funk and Rock of Dr Groove as they play here for the first time from 7 to 10:00. Music should be outdoors unless an unusual cold spell shows up around showtime. Bring a coat just in case…

On Sunday for their Brunch come enjoy the music of the lovely Hillarie Wilt from 11AM to 2:00. Pretty good spread, so I’ve been told… (“HP+”)Running Creek Casino in Upper Lake will an Oktoberfest Weekend starting Saturday featuring the fun band LC Diamonds from noon ‘til 4. The Time Travellers continue the celebration from 5 to 9:00. On Sunday the event wraps up with Beatz Werkin’ from noon until 4:00. It’s gonna be a fun weekend. Lederhosen optional…

On Sunday, The Boathouse in that nice little town of Nice has Dr Groove playing outside on the patio from 2 to 6:00. A great way to wind down the weekend…

Gypsy rocker, Carlos Garay will be playing at The Greenview Restaurant in HVL Sunday from 4 to 7:00. Let Carlos throw a little Bolero your way. Castinets optional…

Lots of good stuff at The Blue Wing Saloon in Upper Lake this weekend starting out with Friday evening from 6 to 8:00 when the delightful Majide Trio, featuring Machiko Shimada, Paul Kemp and Pierre Archain, (heard his name a few times…) as they play Torch Numbers, Blues Classics and an assortment of other songs from days of yore. On Saturday evening Americana vocalist and guitarist Sarah Tichava will perform from 6 to 8:00. Sunday Brunch will feature the Good Measure Quintet from 11:30AM to 2:00. On Sunday evening for Supper, expect Blues master David Langdon to play from 6 to 8:00. For Monday Blues, The Greg Rahn Band, (Greg usually plays with Chris Cain, I believe…), will be rockin’ the crowd from 6 to 8:00. Reservations are strongly suggested for any and all of these events…

Karaoke and Open Mic/Jams The Spot in Clearlake has Karaoke on Wednesday from 6 to 9:00. The Spot also has an Open Mic/Jam on Thursday from 6 to 9:00. The American Legion in Clearlake has Karaoke on Friday from 6 to 9:00. The Barn in Clearlake Oaks has an Open Jam Friday from 6 to 9:00.The best thing about Autumn is breathing the clean crisp air while raking those dang leaves.

My neighbor has a bunch of these trees called Tree of Heaven, (a misnomer if I’ve ever heard one), that grow above and over my property. They’re quite prolific at generating messes to clean up; in Spring they drop these seed-like flower clusters that immediately turn to dust, near impossible to sweep up. Then in Autumn, their overabundance of leaves start falling onto my driveway, drying immediately, forcing me to rake them up 2-3 times a day, otherwise the crumbs of these leaves are suddenly all over my deck, on the floor of my car and throughout the inside of my house. Once they’re done dropping leaves, the stems that held those leaves start falling all over the place. It’s the gift that keeps on giving – Tree of Heaven, my tuchus! Oh well, it’s never a dull moment. For those of you needing a diversion from leaf raking and such, and you’re ready to catch some of our local live music – if and when you go out this week, have fun, but please be safe…

Mike Guarniero

Mike has been playing professionally, both acoustic and electric, for 40+ years. He paid his dues in a robust Sonoma County music scene during the '80s and '90s, then DJ'd for 10 years after moving to Lake County in 1996. After retiring from his job of 26 years, because he recognized a growing local music scene, he decided to devote his time to playing live music again. He's never looked back. Along with his regular band, Dr. Groove, he has filled in on lead guitar for local bands, (Fargo Bros, Blues Farm, C.A.M. Band, Borrowed Time, Time Travelers). He's played acoustic guitar at a some of our local wineries, restaurants, farmers Markets and art galleries. He's also a semi-regular supporting various local Open Mics around Lake County. He writes and records original songs and has recorded original demos for other performers as well. For the last three years, he has posted on Facebook a local music guide called the Lake County Music Guide.


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