Lake County Arts Council Celebrates Women’s History Month

The Lake County Arts Council and the Main Street Gallery are celebrating Women’s History Month by showcasing some of our amazing Lake County women artists.

The U.S. Congress officially established women’s History Month in 1987 after receiving a petition from the National Women’s History Project. This group spearheaded the effort to recognize and celebrate women’s varied contributions to a number of fields throughout American history. Women’s History Month is an observance and celebration of women’s vital roles in American historical contributions to history, culture, art, and society. Some of the women artists showing at the Main Street Gallery are Shelby Posada, Bernadette Straub, Lisa Kaplan, Kim ‘Kanani’ Norman, Natasha Robison, Alana Clearlake Tanner, Meredith Gambrel, Sally Lehman, Doris Bruchler, Sunny Franson, and Evelyn Robison.

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