Ghosts – Poetry by Beulah Vega

 Remember when ghosts were old Victorian women
 striding down staircases,
 stopping for blurry photographs, or
 to run an icy finger down
 an unsuspecting spine?

 Remember when you could summon and
 banish by will with a planchette,
 some letters, a firm belief
 and a strong purpose?

 Remember when ghosts were souls
 and demons that had nothing
 to do with you or your life,
 merely phantasms of space/time?

 Remember before your own ghosts
 popped up on Facebook feeds and
 in Instagram stories? Stalking through
 your friend’s list as revenants stalk through graves?

 Remember when time was linear?
 When the past stayed in place
 before technology summoned wraiths 
 from your personal nightmares?

 Do you remember when you knew
 that things would get better,
 because time would blur pain and erase memories?
 Do you wonder how it all went so wrong?
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