Focus on the Moment: Perspective to Uplift and Inspire

A Wish . . .

I hear people saying they wish the pandemic would end so life can get back to “normal.” But when this time of COVID19 is behind us, my wish is that we’ve found a new “normal” going forward:

a “normal” where there is more quality time with family & friends;

where businesses use technology to create more flexible, lifestyle-friendly options that allow people to work from home if they prefer; 

where we generate less pollution, and hasten the move to adopt clean energy technologies;

where we don’t take for granted basic necessities like TP;

and where we remember to tell people we love them, because we may not be with them in the end.

What COVID19 has proven is that we as a society ARE capable of change; 

we CAN adapt and thrive; 

our Earth will heal if we let it,

and we need each other more than ever. 

“Normal” is what we make it. 

Let’s make it better. 

Karen Pavone

Karen Pavone is a Lake County-based lifestyle photographer capturing one-of-a-kind moments. Portraits, Engagement/Wedding, Events, Editorial/Advertising, Agriculture, Landscapes, Food & Beverage, Travel & Tourism.

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