Flotilla Repeats Mirror Project at Lake County Elementary Schools

Pomo Elementary School: Gary Jolley and Bernadette Straub
demonstrating use of mirror reflection to students

On June 2, 2022, Flotilla 08-08 of Lake County repeated their mirror project for the students at Pomo and Burns Valley Elementary schools and the Creative School in Clearlake.  This mirror project which the Flotilla first demonstrated in May of last year was taken from a page of Lake County history.   

A brief story by Flotilla member Dorothy De Lope was told of Mary Downen who in 1903 built a cabin and lived alone on Mt. Konocti and used a mirror to signal her daughter in Lakeport. Then the students were instructed by Flotilla members Gary Jolley and Bernadette Straub on how to use the special mirrors and other reflective devices to capture the sun’s reflection and aim it to the top of Mt. Konocti.

At the top of Mt. Konocti, Flotilla Commander Kevin Kealey and his crew of John McAlear and Nicole Caldweld held up a large mirror and reflected the image back down to the schools.  The youngsters were fascinated and so excited in seeing the huge mirror reflected back down to them.

The main purpose of the Flotilla’s Mirror Project is to teach the children safety by carrying a mirror and a whistle with them when walking or hiking in unfamiliar countryside and to use should they become lost. Also, a whistle and mirror should be attached to their lifejacket in case of a boating emergency in which they end up in the water.

The Flotilla reminds parents to review safety habits with their children and to always wear their lifejackets.

Kevin Kealey with mirror on Mt. Konocti
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