Experience Music in a New Way: Take a Class at Mendocino College Lake Center

A message from Jeremy Jernigan, musician and instructor at Mendocino College.

Hello Lake County Community! My name is Jeremy Jernigan, and I was born and raised here in our beautiful Lake County. I am a musician and music teacher here at Mendocino College Lake Center in Lakeport. I have been teaching our music courses here for nearly 20 years and I am very passionate about keeping music alive in our community.

I am teaching Jazz and Rock History (MUS 209) on Thursdays from 12-3 pm and Piano Class (MUS 210) on Fridays from 10 am-1:30 pm. These classes start on the first week of February. The college’s phone number is (707) 263-4944. If you have any questions, my phone number is (707) 245-0627. The second way to show support is by spreading the word and letting others know. Please help me with this as I am only one person, but I believe strongly in the value of music and its presence in our lives and culture. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and let’s pull together to keep music education alive in our beloved Lake County!

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