City of Clearlake partners with AMIA to Plant Native Valley Oaks at Anderson Marsh State Historic Park

“The City of Clearlake presented funds for a tree-planting project at a City Council meeting. Left to right: Ryan Martin (State Parks Natural Resources Manager), Debi Sally (Sierra Club), Roberta Lyons (AMIA), Henry Bornstein (AMIA), Alan Flora (Clearlake City Manager) & Russ Perdock (Clearlake Vice Mayor).

Anderson Marsh Interpretive Association (AMIA) is partnering with the City of Clearlake and California State Parks to plant 100 native Valley Oaks at Anderson Marsh State Historic Park. The trees will be planted in the fall of 2022.

Anderson Marsh State Historic Park is located in Lake County and spans both Lower Lake and the City of Clearlake. The tree-planting project is funded by fees paid to the City of Clearlake under its Native Tree Protection Ordinance, which requires developers who cut down native oak trees to either replant trees of the same species or choose to pay a fee to fund replanting by the City.

“AMIA was approached by the City of Clearlake about partnering with the City and State Parks to plant Valley Oaks at Anderson Marsh State Historic Park,” stated Henry Bornstein, AMIA Board member.  “We contacted State Parks, which agreed to do the initial planting, with AMIA agreeing to do the follow-up watering, weeding and maintenance necessary to help the trees survive,” stated Bornstein.

According to Roberta Lyons, AMIA’s President, “Trees help fight climate change by absorbing carbon dioxide and our beautiful Valley Oaks are part of the Lake County heritage that we leave to our descendants. AMIA is pleased that the City of Clearlake has undertaken to protect as many of these trees as possible and to replant trees that are cut down during the course of development projects. We are proud to partner with the City of Clearlake and State Parks in planting these Valley Oaks.”

AMIA is an all-volunteer nonprofit association that partners with State Parks to support Anderson Marsh State Historic Park in Lake County. For more information about this project, you may contact AMIA at or (707) 995-2658.

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