When the Puppet Strings Break: By Lori Armstrong

I would no longer financially struggle, living every month having to cash in my paycheck for a cash advance in order to get me through the next month. I was robbing Peter to pay Paul. The vicious cycle was wearing on my mind as being able to afford to live in this small tourist town had become nearly impossible. I began to imagine what life would be like in the rolling mountains and there was no stopping my imagination when it ran wild. My family grew accustomed to my fairy tale thoughts as they understood it was merely one of my coping skills. Call it childlike wonder – call it quirkiness – this was part of my DNA.

Why I Thought ‘Living the Dream’ Was a Pipedream…Until Now

It was 2015 and I had just left a dead-end career filled with false hopes and someone else’s dreams. Years of unforeseen struggles in my life blessed me with a new cherished direction. Unanswered prayers became more evident when I began to understand the importance of finding my peace. I was fast approaching 50-years-old. The time to make my move was now and no one was going to do it for me.


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