Enjoy Shakespeare At the Lake this Friday

Shakespeare At the Lake presents its sixth production this year, All’s Well That Ends Well. The production is a collaboration between Mendocino College and The Lake County Theatre Company and is directed by John Tomlinson. It will be the second virtual production for the group.

For those not familiar with the show, it takes place in rural France and focuses on Helena, a female protagonist, which is rare in Shakespeare’s work. She is a young lady who 6 months prior lost her father, “the most reputable doctor in the land,” to disease. She’s left with the Countess of the region who has a son her age with whom Helena has fallen in love. When we pick up the action of the play, the Count has died leaving the son (Bertram), the Countess, and Helena as her ward. The Countess, having just lost the Count, is also dealing with her son going off to war in Paris.

Poetry Everywhere: The Main Street Poetry Box Project

Clear Lake Campground rests on the edge of Cache Creek and has welcomed visitors for decades. RVs, tents, and trailers stretch along the creek’s banks. Kids play ping pong under the covered patio; an older couple sits in their foldup chairs, sipping on coffee. It’s another summer Saturday at the campground. But there’s excitement near the office, where Lisa Wilson, owner of Clear Lake Campground, Georgina Marie, Lake County Poet Laureate, and Gary Maes, the mastermind behind the Main St. Poetry Boxes, check the alignment of the newest poetry box. You may have bumped into a poetry box while wandering down Main Street in Kelseyville or wandered by one in Middletown. There, if you take a second, you’ll notice a well-made wooden box mounted to a wall, a poem tacked inside. It’s all part of a plan to spread poetry throughout the county.

Bloom Announces Poetry of the Outliers Contest

The Bloom and Georgina Marie are excited to present our next quarterly contest: Poetry of the Outliers! For our 2nd quarterly poetry contest, we want to focus on poetry from the margins of our society: written by poets who are People of Color, LGBTQIA+, disabled, houseless, coping with mental health challenges, etc. Send us one of your best/favorite original poems in an editable Word document to before July 31st, 2021. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners will be selected and will win cash prizes and the publication of your poems.

Backstage Lake County: Meet Middletown High School’s New Drama Teacher

After many years, Mrs. Cynthia Radford has retired and one of her former students, Carrie Ann Eve, is stepping up to take her place. Eve will be teaching Drama for the ninth through twelfth grades, Advanced Theatre, and Technical Design. She will also take over the Drama Club and the National Thespian Society for Middletown. She was the President of the Middletown High School Branch when she was a student at Middletown High School and she finds it pretty cool that she’s come full circle.

Rooted in Poetry: An Interview with Alameda Poet Laureate Kimi Sugioka

In the second episode, Georgina Marie discusses poetry with poet and Alameda Poet Laureate Kimi Sugioka. Kimi is an educator and poet. She earned an MFA from Naropa University and has published two books of poetry; the newest of which is Wile & Wing on Manic D Press. She is the poet laureate of Alameda, California, and her work appears in various anthologies including Civil Liberties United, Endangered Species Enduring Values, Colossus: Home, and The City is Already Speaking Vol. 4.

There’s A New Band in Town: Breaker One-9

The sun’s still above Cobb, but it’s steadily easing behind it, stretching the light into the four-car garage, where, tucked in a corner and surrounded by sound-dampening cloth, Breaker One-9 finishes up a song. A few thumps and bass notes fiddle around, then quiet as the band takes a break from practicing their first set. In an empty bay of the garage, papers, a tablet, and Diet Coke spread across the pool table. Mike Mendenhall sits at its edge in a foldup chair, his knees pressed against the table.

The Bloom Announces New Podcast: Gathering by Michelle Scully

The Gathering podcast is hosted by Michelle R Scully. We’ll be gathering together great guests to explore thoughts, learn more about our neighbors, magnify kindness, and there will be laughing. Gather with us and let’s start making up for all those lost times together over this past year. The guests in this episode are Rachel and Christian Ahlmann, of Six Sigma Ranch, Vineyard, and Winery but we won’t be talking business. Four years ago Rachel and Christian decided to live debt-free and create a light carbon footprint by making a vintage Airstream trailer home to them and their three awesome kids. Multiply that togetherness in a 30’ by 8’ aluminum space by 1000x when the pandemic came along and threw a curveball or ten. We talk about what makes the Ahlmann 5 tick, life lessons with kids and from kids, and everything in between.

In Praise of Horseshoes – by D. R. Darvishian

Harold Taylor, head of the Lake County Horseshoe Association, blinks through his wire-rimmed glasses in mild confusion. His bristling grey mustache gives him the look of a walrus scholar. “Was it?” he asks. Dropping his gaze, he snaps open the locks of an ancient portfolio. It’s crammed with files. Running the back of his finger across the tabbed folders, he finds nothing helpful. “I thought it was 1983,” he says, “but if I told you 1987, that must’ve been it.” The date regards the start of the LCHA. Call it two generations ago. Back then, says Taylor, who also runs the Pro Desk at Mendo Mill & Lumber Co., in Lakeport, the games were a rolling affair, with players convening in each other’s backyards for some 20 years.


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