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Mike has been playing professionally, both acoustic and electric, for 40+ years. He paid his dues in a robust Sonoma County music scene during the '80s and '90s, then DJ'd for 10 years after moving to Lake County in 1996. After retiring from his job of 26 years, because he recognized a growing local music scene, he decided to devote his time to playing live music again. He's never looked back. Along with his regular band, Dr. Groove, he has filled in on lead guitar for local bands, (Fargo Bros, Blues Farm, C.A.M. Band, Borrowed Time, Time Travelers). He's played acoustic guitar at a some of our local wineries, restaurants, farmers Markets and art galleries. He's also a semi-regular supporting various local Open Mics around Lake County. He writes and records original songs and has recorded original demos for other performers as well. For the last three years, he has posted on Facebook a local music guide called the Lake County Music Guide.

Lake County Music Guide: Your Fourth of July Party Planner

As I’ve said many times in the past, I have a used “Acme Clone-a-Matic” for sale, and it might just come in handy this 4th of July weekend in case you’re having a hard time deciding where to go for live music. As you read through the schedule you’ll see why you might have a need for it. And I really gotta sell it! So as I was sayin’, there’s gonna be a shipload of live music events this week! (If you wait until Saturday to decide on the ACM, the price goes up…). Here’s the live music guide for Lake County for the week of 6/30 through 7/6…

Lake County Music Guide – 6.23.33

I was a volunteer for Baconfest in K’ville on Sunday where I had the second-best job at the event – selling beer and wine tix. Of course, the best job would have been pouring the afore-mentioned beer and wine. What a great event! They sold out the bacon-themed food contest, which is probably the biggest draw aside from the musical performance from Hot Roux. Of course, my selling partner, Maile Field did all the work – I mostly smiled a lot, carried on the banter and enjoyed the heck out of the day. Woohoo! Looking forward to next year! Anyways, the music listings for this week are going to be as exciting as they were last week, with a couple of new venues beginning their summer schedule. So, without further ado, here’s the live music guide for the week of 6/21 through 6/29, (I know that’s more than a week but you’ll understand why when you read it…).

Lake County Music Guide – 6.15.22

THIS IS A PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT! WARNING! THE FLOODGATES HAVE BURST OPEN AND TONS OF GREAT LIVE MUSIC IS FLOODING YOUR WAY THIS WEEK! THIS IS NOT A JOKE. PLEASE BEWARE (or at least be aware…)! So, did I get your attention or what?!? Donovan once wrote a song called, “Season of the Witch”, but this is clearly the season of the “Concert Series” and/or “Festivals”. Here’s the local music schedule for the week of 6/14 thru 6/20, (and I hope I’ve gotten it all…).

Lake County Music Guide 6.9.22

There was so much going on last week I barely had a chance to catch my breath! Now I’m hyperventilating when I see what’s happening this week. And that ain’t nothing compared to what’s happening next week – GASP! – it’s never-ending, folks! There’re some old venues re-adding to the mix with some changes, and lots of other exciting live music events. Don’t plan on going out of town if you don’t wanna miss anything! Also, since I’ve got your undivided attention, I’ve been posting live music events from the Eastern Mendocino County areas and haven’t gotten any feedback from Mendo locals. Should I continue posting Ukiah/Willits/Hopland events? I don’t mind, but things are heating up here in The LC so much that it has become a time-consuming effort to include both Counties. Any input, Mendo denizens? In the meantime, here’s the live music schedule for the week of 6/9 through 6/13…

Lake County Music Guide 6.2.22

As I predicted last week, after the Memorial Weekend the floodgates have opened and live music is gonna be happening big time here in The LC. Won’t be hearing too many complaints from here on out about nothing to do in Lake County. And every week after this one we should see something new happening which just adds to the stressful situation of making a decision on where to go. There’s just gonna be too much fun stuff happening this week, Maynard! And I mean it, Peanut! Here’s the live music guide for the week of 6/2 to 6/6…

Lake County Music Guide – 5.12.22

This week’s activities should run the gamut between Shredding and a Car Show, with lots of live music events scrunched up in between. With Friday, Saturday and Sunday predicting good weather, the outdoor events are stacking up, while the indoor ones are gonna be just as busy. Enough prattle – here’s the live music schedule for the week of May 12th through May 16th…

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