Lance Giroux

Lance Giroux was born in a remote Arizona mining town. He served in the Army until 1977. Post military he began working with individuals, businesses, government agencies, and schools - assisting in effective communication, service, and leadership. In 2000, he began to understudy and be mentored by the American author George Leonard – the award-winning editor of Look Magazine. The arrangement demanded international travel. While he traveled, he wrote and documented what he saw, felt and learned - In 2017, Lance bought a cabin near Cobb Mountain and moved. In 2019, he opened Aikido of Konocti in order to serve Lake County with the philosophy and practices of Aikido, a Japanese martial art. He travels less. He enjoys the forest, a place where he can slow down, listen, practice ... and write.

Rooted in Poetry: Understanding Practice Through Simple Poetry – By Lance Giroux

You are, I am, we are always practicing something all of the time – that this “something” changes now and then does not diminish the fact that whether or not we are consciously aware of it – some of our practices are constructive, and others are not. All practices have shape and all have impact. Our lives revolve around the construct of practice. The willing act to “create and have a practice” – even if for only a short time – helps one illuminate the power and depth of practice.


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