AMIA Receives $9,220 “Parks Improvement” Grant for Special “Senior Days” Programs

Photo Credit: Anderson Marsh Interpretive Association (AMIA)

Anderson Marsh Interpretive Association (AMIA) has received a $9,220 “Parks Improvement” grant from the California State Parks Foundation (CSPF) to hold special twice-monthly “senior days” at the park over a four-month period in the spring of 2023. Seniors who sign up for the special program will be bused at no cost from Lake County senior centers to attend a day at the park.  Each day will include two educational programs and a free picnic lunch.

According to Henry Bornstein, AMIA Grant Coordinator, “the idea of this project is to make it easy for seniors to feel welcomed at the park, to have some fun outdoors and to learn about Anderson Marsh State Historic Park.  The park is an important part of what Lake County has to offer its residents and may have been overlooked by seniors who may not have felt comfortable visiting the park on their own.”

“The special programs will be educational, but will also be fun,” stated Roberta Lyons, AMIA President. “Seniors attending the special days at the park will learn about the long history of the Indigenous Peoples who lived on the land now known as Anderson Marsh State Historic Park and the history of the Europeans who more recently lived on this land.  They also will be able to experience the rich natural history, plant habitats, and wildlife found in the park.”

“AMIA is grateful for the financial support of California State Parks Foundation that will allow this project to get started,” stated Bornstein. “After this pilot project is completed, we hope to find funding to continue the program and to expand it to create an ongoing program supporting the ability of Lake County seniors to visit the park and experience the benefits of being outdoors in nature.”

AMIA is a non-profit association cooperating with State Parks to support and promote educational and interpretive activities at Anderson Marsh State Historic Park.  For information about Anderson Marsh State Historic Park or AMIA, please visit or contact AMIA at either or 707-995-2658. Information about the California State Parks Foundation can be found at,

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