A RealAge Journey: The Holiday Test

How’s your RealAge journey going? If you’re like me, trying to fit in a health plan in the middle of the holiday season comes with its ups and downs. But I just downloaded the Sharecare App, and already I’m learning new things. Did you know that how long you can stand on one foot with your eyes closed is another indication of your real age? It is worth looking at once you’ve finished your RealAge test.

Going back to the holidays, I can honestly say there are many things I did well over Thanksgiving and one thing I’m going to improve on during this Christmas. So here’s what I did well:

First, I made the entire meal from scratch, yep, the whole shebang. Nothing was boxed, canned, or processed, except for canned pumpkin for the pie and ingredients for my family’s favorite jello salad. Even my bread for the stuffing was homemade. Luckily I’ve already been in the habit of not eating processed and prepared foods.

Secondly, I made a relish tray filled with fresh veggies, my main appetizer, complete with a homemade spinach dip. It turns out you can almost entirely substitute non-fat Greek yogurt for mayonnaise and sour cream to your favorite spinach dip recipe, and no one complained! I also made a platter of dried fruits and nuts with a small assortment of cheeses, because you know, you gotta have some cheese.

Third, I did not overindulge. I can honestly say I was already content with my healthy appetizers and only needed small portions of the meal to feel completely satisfied and content. My reward, no gut ache, and I slept well that night.

Now, what I will probably do differently for Christmas is:

Not to eat leftovers for the four days after Thanksgiving. Yep, I enjoyed the meal over and over again! I loved leftovers a bit too much. And it took a few more days than I expected to feel like my old self again. But, all in all, I think I did well. After doing diets in the past, I’ve learned it’s relatively easy to force results over a short time but more important to make fundamental, long-lasting changes that you know you can maintain forever.

My biggest holiday test is yet to come. It’s simply not Christmas without my holiday cookies. And let me tell you, they are worth every calorie. And honestly, how can you bake food and not eat it yourself? I plan to make the cookies smaller Hahahaha!

Trudy Wakefield

Trudy and Jonah David Wakefield started The Bloom in 2018 to showcase the best parts of Lake County and to provide a local outlet for community events, arts, music, and writing.

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