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Prickles, Thistles, and Foxtail: Taking the Invasive Weed Walk at Anderson Marsh

Since our state enjoys a temperate climate we play host to a variety of plant species, both invasive and native, who also thrive here. Paul Aigner explained, “Most of the state’s grasslands are dominated by non-natives.” He went on with some questions for us that also interest farmers, State Park’s Departments and many others, “How realistic is it to get rid of a particular invasive? How does it reduce biodiversity here?” What helps ranchers may hinder places like parks and preserves. The study of invasives brings up the question of just what defines a weed or a problem plant?

Sign Installation at Lake County Land Trust’s Rabbit Hill Park

It has long been a dream of the Lake County Land Trust (LCLT) and local citizens to place directional signs at the summit of Rabbit Hill to point out each significant peak in the panoramic 360-degree view of the surrounding mountains, including St. Helena, Cobb, and Harbin. On a recent Saturday morning, the signage project was started with the help of Hidden Valley Lake resident Jean Goulart, who has become a volunteer for the LCLT and will be overseeing the Rabbit Hill Park.

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